About the owner

Jewellery designer, Jacqueline Lohan, has had a life long fascination and love of precious metals and gemology. At the age of 13, her stepfather taught her to solder metals, offering a new medium to express her creativity. Jacquie followed her passion by pursuing metallurgy, chemistry of metals and gemology in college. After working as a Goldsmith and designer for several other companies abroad and in Bermuda, Jacquie founded Atlantic Jewellery Studio in 1999. Soon after, the Dean of A.C.E at Bermuda College enlisted her to inaugurate the first Jewellery and Metal smithing Program in Bermuda. She has since received awards from Best of Bermuda in the categories of ‘Handmade Jewellery’ and ‘ Trendy Jewellery’. Her award-winning Jewellery has also been featured on a Bermuda Postage Stamp! For the past 24 years Bermuda’s beaches and beautiful Atlantic waters have inspired her designs and collections.